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CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs Rene Kasischke, Science Teacher at Crystal Lake South & Home State Bank’s NOVEMBER 2020 Teacher of the Month on Star 105.5! Star 105 & Home State Bank representatives will gather with Mrs Kasischke VIRTUALLY on Tues, Dec 8th at 4pm.

Nomination Letter from Arya:
I think Mrs. Kasischke should be nominated because of her determination to make online class as fun and as engaging as possible. She said she recently hasn’t been getting enough sleep because she is trying to plan a brilliant day for the students who sometimes don’t even participate. She put her own health and well being after her students’ education. That is commitment and determination.

She’s always early to class and as everyone comes in, she makes sure to ask everyone how they are. She throws in little jokes to try to get a laugh out of the class. She gives us options on what we want to do, she doesn’t just give us worksheets, she asks if we want to do like kahoots or quizlets. She stays at the end of class in case anyone is having a hard time and needs to talk. She does all of this while still giving the students all the information they need to succeed, unfortunately, a majority of the students keep their cameras either off or pointed to the ceiling and don’t interact. She really does deserve this award.