CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs Laurie McDermott, 1st Grade Teacher, at North Elementary School in Crystal Lake & Home State Bank’s APRIL 2021 Teacher of the Month on Star 105.5! 

Writer: Maci

Teacher: Mrs. McDermott

Class: 1st grade

School: North Elementary

Nomination Letter:

Mrs. McDermott is so nice. She teaches us a lot of cool things. She makes learning fun and understands us. I sometimes have a hard time with math and reading. Mrs. McDermott finds different ways to help me learn. She is really patient too. She makes me feel special. She works so hard and I love her so much.
Parent Letter/Erin:  To be honest, all teachers during this time are experiencing things that they never thought they would have to do.  They all need to be recognized for the hard work.  Their work loads are more due to remote learning and finding ways to connect with the students.  Maci started the year remotely (6 weeks) with Mrs. McDermott, returned to in person (with Mrs. McDermott) for 4 weeks and just stared back to remote learning today with Mrs. McDermott.  This can be an extremely stressful time for any kiddo.  There isn’t one specific example of how Mrs. McDermott has gone above and beyond. She has done so much to just make learning fun and enjoyable during this difficult time. Teaching during this time is enough in itself.  Mrs. McDermott takes time to find the interests of her students, writes them down and remembers them for later to connect with her students.  She has remembered the “little things” about Maci, like what Maci did last weekend, that she has a big dog named Lucy and that she has a little  brother (with special needs).  She has been so organized with her lessons and preparing activities for students to be sent home and complete via Zoom.  Now that Maci is back to remote learning with Mrs. McDermott, she organized the materials by color coordinating folders and labeling them so that the students can easily find their materials for remote learning.  As a former teacher, I can only imagine trying to juggle the consistent change of going back and forth from remote learning to in person and back again, while also meeting the needs of my own family.  Mrs. McDermott has a family of her own that is working through remote learning, yet she basically performs the task of a teacher flawlessly.  It has just blown our family away with her patience and love for her students.  She keeps the students engaged in learning and has developed a great classroom management style.  I know this is a lot of information to take into consideration. But we just can’t stress how much we are grateful to have Mrs. McDermott as Maci’s teacher during this uncertain time.  We couldn’t imagine doing this with any other teacher.  She has been SO positive and encourages Maci each day to try her best and in an enthusiastic way.  We truly believe that Maci is making so much progress in school because of Mrs. McDermott!! She really is a great teacher!!
Thank you Ms. McDermott from everyone at Home State Bank!
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