Help us make a Breast Cancer Survivor Calendar!

The Care 4 Breast Cancer 5K is a special event that happens every year with Joe and Tina from the Morning Show. If you would like to be a part of the race, sign up HERE. With your help, we will once again try to raise thousands for the Family Health Partnership Clinic for those local breast cancer fighters.

This year, thanks to The Singleton Family McDonald’s we’re doing a special Breast Cancer Survivor Calendar featuring local fighters of this horrible disease. It’s our “ALL THINGS PINK CALENDAR!”

If you or anyone you know wants to be featured in this special calendar to fight breast cancer, please let us know below. We know it’s not easy to share your stories or those of a lost loved one. We thank you for being brave and sharing your story!


**All Chosen stories will be a part of our calendar to honor Breast Cancer survivors and those we’ve lost. Pictures will be take with Joe and Tina from the Star Morning Show.**

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