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Age Guide Podcast with Joe

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  • AgeGuide is doing Census outreach with grants from the Illinois Department on Aging and the Mayor’s and Manager’s Caucus
  • During the current crisis, we need everyone to help us by asking any older adults they know if they’ve completed the census and offering to help them over the phone or by providing the Census phone # 1-844-330-2020
  • The Census is important because: it determines funds for the programs Older Adults depend on like home delivered meals, Medicare Part B, First Responders
  • Any undercount will hurt Illinois: a 1% undercount in our state will translate into a loss of $1.2 billion over the course of the decade
  • Scammers are taking advantage of Census season to try to prey on Older Adults so people need to know what the Census will and will not ask:
  • The Census will NOT ask about: citizenship status, bank information, political affiliation, or for donations
  • The Census is confidential. The Census Bureau won’t share any individual information with any other government agencies or the public.
  • There are three ways to complete the Census: Online, by phone, and by mail. We’re encouraging Older Adults who need assistance to call the Census Bureau
  • The Census is short – only 9 questions, takes about 10 minutes to complete
  • We’re doing a social media challenge – #CensusSelfieChallenge
  • Many of the Older Adults we serve are at risk of not being counted in the Census because they have challenges such as:  social isolation, health issues, language barriers, or they’re from diverse ethnic/racial groups
  • This year the Census Bureau is encouraging online completion for the first time and that is challenging for some Older Adults

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