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May 16, 2014 -- 6:47pm

As many of you have inquired I will be taking some time off to have a baby.  But don't worry you will be in GREAT hands as Mojo from nights will be taking over afternoons in my absence.  She will be sure to keep you laughing on your ride home while giving you the best variety of music and hooking you up with tons of hot concert tickets, water park passes and more! 

I'm excited to begin this new adventure into motherhood (wow that's still weird to say) and will certainly keep you updated along the way.  If you want to keep in contact you can always email me molly@star105.com or follow me on Facebook and on Twitter (@Mollyj85).  You can bet that I will be posting pictures of my little one and keeping you up to date on my lack of sleep and struggles of being a new mommy!  Please don't hesitate to check in or leave me advice, especially if you've done this before.  The more I know, the better my child will turn out! haha. 

I'll miss talking to you every day and will look forward to telling you all about my new journey when I return! 



Molly J

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