Community Harvest Info and Pics / Clinto Running Video / Pasta Sauce Super Bowl hopeful

Nov 08, 2013 -- 4:45am

Thanks again for the food donations at Martin Chevrolet on Thursday! If you want to go out on Thanksgiving Day to help sort the food for families in our area you can visit the Crystal Lake Food Pantry website. If you feel like you missed out you can stop at Joseph's Marketplace in Crystal Lake Thursday, November 14th to drop off food or grab a few extra things after doing some shopping. It's a great cause because nobody should go hungry.


Jessica Grelle has "Mama Jess" pasta sauce and is based out of Barrington. She sells her sauces at Whole foods and online at too. You can help her by voting to have her sauce featured during the Super Bowl. We will talk to Jessica Monday morning on Star!

We are sitting here trying to figure out why Clinto runs the way that he does. Is it cause he's tall and lanky or is it exaggerated ?  Do you also feel like yelling "Run Forrest, Run!"

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