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Aug 28, 2013 -- 10:30am

Assuming your kid is allowed to use his/her phone in school, here are some apps that might make things easier.

Frog Dissection App
Warning: This is not a good app for the squeamish. But it might be a good way for the dissection-shy teenager to gear up for the real frog dissection – or for conscientious objectors to get an interesting alternative. The animated frog body is more ... palatable than the actual formaldehyde-drenched frog flesh and gives a good amount of information about each of the different frog organs and parts.

Keeping track of assignments can be hard to do, no matter your age. This application helps students monitor their homework progress and keep up with deadlines for all of their classes. Plus, this app ties into the online research library Questia, so students can search for terms such as “Civil War” or “Atomic Bomb,” and pull up a slew of articles on the topic.

Effective as they may be, flashcards can be a pain to keep up with. The application requires a little bit of synchronization between your computer and your smart phone. To begin, create a Quizlet account at Quizlet.com. From there, you can either upload a list of terms in a Word document or enter terms directly on the site. Meanwhile, download the app on your smart phone. The flashcards from Quizlet are then accessible on your smart phone via the application. Should you tire of your smart phone screen, you can also review flashcards on your desktop.

CIA World Factbook
This application lets you brush up on different countries around the world that you knew existed, but didn’t know much about. The app includes information about the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for more than 250 countries and regions. You can also compare countries by GDP, size, and other factors.

Evernote is another organizational tool that can sync with all of your devices. The app lets you create and edit note cards, record audio and voice memos, and even search for words in digital photos of index cards. Plus, it's free!

Khan Academy
This application allows you to “learn almost anything for free” with a series of more than 4,200 educational videos on a wide range of topics from the Notation of Basic Geometry to Fiscal Cliff tutorials. The Khan Academy series also includes additional material for different subject areas (e.g. chemistry, algebra, SAT prep) that can be downloaded from the Apple and Android app stores.

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