Dec 07, 2011 -- 10:05am

Is America changing its taste for political candidates like Culver’s changes its flavor of the day? I wouldn’t want you thinking I’m comparing politics to dessert.  While one tends to leave a bad taste in your mouth, the other tastes remarkably good.

We’ve had many opportunities in which Republican candidates debated the pressing issues of the day. Early on, Michelle Bachman, the Minnesota congresswoman had an appeal with viewers of the debates, but Texas Governor Rick Perry skipped those debates and he became the most interesting flavor, until he actually got behind a podium and debated the issues. He just seemed to melt under the lights and his pre-debate popularity disappeared. Herman Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, took his cool demeanor and showed he could connect with America. His popularity rose as we saw him in the debates and listened to him offer encouragement on the prospect of putting America back to work. But we’ve soured on Cain as more women came forward and told stories of infidelity and sordid details of his personal life. Where once everything Cain said sweetened his chances at a real run for the White House, he fell out of favor….kind of like a big lemon drop.

Now Newt Gingrich has risen from the ranks of Republican candidates, consistently doing well in the debates, and showing he’s actually more than just nuts and topping. He’s a man of substance, but the election is still months away and it’s hard to say whether the Democrats will hit on something that’ll eat away at his popularity. Wouldn’t be hard to drag his personal life into the fray, but he’s indicated he’s ready to face some mean politics.

Who’ll take a pie in the face next?  Maybe no one. Maybe Gingrich has staying power and can deflect those looking for burnt crème…..or crème brulee for those with finer tastes.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney remains the safe choice among republicans. However, not everyone can make a case for him actually winning the presidency…we can say he’d stand a good chance against President Obama.  Romney is the main course…….you can eat the substantial meal and feel filled up…but you’re begging for the dessert and Romney can’t fulfill your desire because he’s a middle of the road dieter….no cherries…..no topping……just meat and potatoes, man.

Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, all are side dishes…..some are like cole slaw…..others like potato salad…..you can buy a pound and they look really good and you're awfully hungry for something you don’t have to cook…but then, there’s nothing substantial about it….just a side dish you buy….where you have to first pull a number at the deli counter. However, cole slaw and potato salad are very popular side dishes, so who knows,


I didn’t have breakfast or lunch today, that’s probably why the food references.  Next time before I write my political views I’ll eat at least a hot dog with mustard, relish, and a pickle….or I’ll put myself in a pickle again, like I did here.

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