Title Boxing Club of Crystal Lake

Nov 18, 2012 -- 10:07pm


Yes, that is currently what every single muscle in my body is saying since I took my first class at Title Boxing Club in Crystal Lake on Saturday.  But, since I am so sore, you know that I took part in one unbelievable workout!  Title Boxing Club is truly unlike anything I have ever done before!  It mixes up the concept of "boot camp" and incorporates kickboxing techniques that literally works EVERY part of your body!

You start the class off with a 15 minute warm-up, which includes stretching, light cardio conditioning and a simple instruction of some of the punches you'll be doing for the remainder of class.  From there, the instructor puts you through a number of boxing exercises that not only work your arms and legs, but your abs too!  The class itself flies by and is 100% a GREAT stress reliever too! 

If you're looking for a new twist on fitness come to Title Boxing Club in Crystal Lake off of Randall Road just about a block down from Randall and Ackman Rd.  Title Boxing Club is the newest fitness workout sweeping the nation and gauranteed to give results!  Plus, every class is designed for all ages, sexes and fitness levels too!  Quite honestly, I've never had a better workout than Title Boxing Club and something tells me that I'll be back for more REAL soon! :)

Learn more about Title Boxing Club now or stop by and take part in a FREE fitness class to see if you like it! 



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