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Oct 11, 2012 -- 5:00am

What is it with pop singers and throwing up on stage? First Justin Bieber entertained a crowd of screaming teenage girls by barfing on stage, and now Lady Gaga's done it. The pudding-toss was captured on video during her Barcelona concert. Like a pro, the show went on.

Katy Perry has once again called it quits with notorious womanizer John Mayer after he refused to stop treating her like a booty call -- despite relentlessly promising to change his ways. A source says: "John just can’t commit, and he kept luring Katy back with promises that was going to change, but then he didn’t. Katy was pretty crazy about him, so she kept giving him another chance. John liked Katy, so he wanted to keep her in his life, but it just wasn’t up to Katy’s standards."

While driving in Santa Monica on Saturday, Ben Affleck accidentally sideswiped a parked car, knocking off its side mirror. Rather than just driving away, Affleck did the right thing. He left a note that read, "Hi, knocked off your mirror! Very sorry! Will cover everything –Ben," along with his contact info.

So you’re a product pusher on QVC. Your co-host grabs her chest and seems to be passing out. What do you do? If you’re a pro you keep hawking, of course. It really happened, and the video's on YouTube. Cassie Slane passed out while pushing a kids tablet, but later returned to complete the segment. As she still struggled to complete her sentences, her co-host guided her to a seat. Slane says she is feeling better.

Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are the leading nominees at the 40th annual American Music Awards with four nods each. Christina Aguilera announced the nominations Tuesday in Los Angeles. Nominees are selected based on broadcast airplay and online popularity. Fans can vote online for their favorites in all 20 categories. The American Music Awards will be presented November 18 at Nokia Theatre and broadcast live on ABC

WEEKLY WRAP-UP:  The Peanuts are coming back to the big screen in 2015!  Charlie and Harry Davies-Carr, the two young stars of Charlie Bit My Finger, are now getting their own web series. Kris Jenner may be getting her own talk show on FOX next summer...great (sarcasm). 


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