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November 2014 Teacher of the Month

Dec 03, 2014 -- 12:18pm

CONGRATULATIONS to November Home State Bank “Teacher of the Month” with Star 105.5  - Ms. Beverly Smith Language Arts/Reading teacher from Heineman Middle School

"Mrs. Smith is one of the nicest teachers I know. For starters she isn’t an out of the book teacher, she takes the moral lesson from the book then turns it into a creative lesson. She also has fun stories to tie to the lesson plan. For example when we finished Hatchet we played a game called “Guess what’s in the Teacher’s Head”. The way the game works is you are given three topics and you have to think about what Mrs. Smith would say. She also makes a point that parents aren’t the only ones you can go to if you have a problem. Mrs. Smith is also the head of our student council and is writing her own book as well. She has inspired my friends to be a teacher just like her. She also shares the books she reads with us and keeps us updated with new books that she likes. She helped comfort almost everyone on the first day of school and makes them laugh everyday. I know that everyone in my literacy including me always looks forward to literacy at the end of the day. So those reasons and many more is why Mrs. Smith should be teacher of the month." - Kiersten


Letter writer, Kiersten Hornberg, teacher, Ms. Beverly Smith, & Home State Banking Center Supervisor, Bobbie Novak

Teacher, Ms. Beverly Smith, & her group of students.

October 2014 Teacher of the Month

Nov 06, 2014 -- 2:00pm

CONGRATULATIONS to October Home State Bank “Teacher of the Month” with Star 105.5  - Mr. Gerard Marchand, Human Anatomy & Physiology/Bio Honors teacher at Huntley High School

"I am a freshman nursing student in college currently taking Anatomy, and, without a doubt, I owe my survival in this class to the one and only Mr. Marchand. As my anatomy teacher senior year, he prepared me so extremely well for what was to come that words cannot describe my thanks. If there's anything useful I learned in high school, it's that calcium ions bind to troponin on the troponin-tropomyosin complex, which then shifts to expose the binding site on actin allowing the myosin head to attach, perform the power stroke, and thus shorten the sarcomere – ultimately leading to muscle contraction. While my peers were dumbstruck with confusion, I calmly wrote my notes, nodding my head, and praising the Lord that I had had Mr. Marchand as a teacher. He is incredibly knowledgeable, but more importantly, he knows the best way to impart his knowledge: by using a flipped classroom style. He puts immense effort into making his own videos for each set of notes, which are uploaded online for students to review at their convenience throughout the week. That opens up classroom time for review worksheets that actually apply the knowledge, and Mr. Marchand is readily available to answer your each and every question. He really cares about his students, that they are successful in the present AND in the future, and that they have fun while learning about the body. If you don’t believe me, check out his amazingly awesome Youtube video “Marchand Biology - What Does the Brain Say?” (Mr. Marchand is the lead singer.) This video is still saved to my favorites. Although I could send him a simple “thank you” email, it would be so much cooler if he won the “Teacher of the Month” award. If anyone deserves this honor, it’s Mr. Marchand (trust me, I’m in college)" -Jessica C.


Mr. Marchand & Home State Bank Personal Banking Counselor, Kelly Roewer


Mr. Marchand & Huntley High School Science Dept Chair, Cindy Fuhrer

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