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January 2015 Teacher of the Month

Feb 06, 2015 -- 11:09am

CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs. Aubrey Francis, Social Science teacher at McHenry West High School & our January “Teacher of the Month” WINNER from Home State Bank on Star 105.5!  Enjoy a “touching” copy of the winning letter below!

"There can be many reasons why I describe Mrs. Francis to be an extraordinary teacher. Inside and outside the classroom Mrs. Francis is a genuine human being who has a heart of gold and cares for all others. She cares for all of her students and is the head of the National Honor Society at our school. I was battling a hardship in my life and she was the only one who noticed it and had the courage to do something about it. I gave up on schoolwork, being happy, and just doing anything all together. She once pulled me out of our class one day and she said to me, "Forget AP History right now, because I am worried about your well being more than your grade." She went through hoops to make sure I did the work that I needed, I was happy along the side, and eventually got me through my first semester of Junior year with a passing grade in a class I thought I was going to fail, since it was an Advanced Placement class. And it's not just me, because Mrs. Francis cares for all students and all people in general. She always tells me, "Miss Rachel, remember, let everything roll off of you like water on the back of a duck." (you know, because ducks have oil on their feathers). A trustworthy, considerate teacher like Mrs. Francis deserves to be recognized for her incredible actions." - Rachel, student


Teacher, Mrs. Francis…Letter writer, Rachel…Home State Banking Center Manager, Meggan Whitehead

Principal, Marsha Potthoff joins teacher & student

Mrs. Francis, Rachel & Star 105.5’s DJ Clinto


December 2014 Teacher of the Month

Jan 08, 2015 -- 12:39pm

CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Rachel Christensen, World Language teacher at Crystal Lake South High School & our DCEMBER “Teacher of the Month” WINNER from Home State Bank on Star 105.5! 

"Mrs. Christensen is a candidate for Teacher of the Month because she is passionate about Spanish, is kind to all students, is a fantastic teacher, and really makes an effort to know her students on a personal level. Sra. Che (as us students call her) is passionate about Spanish because her face lights up every time the bell rings, signaling the start of class. She has mastered the language and her vivacious spirit is contagious. She is also kind to everyone, I mean everyone! She is the most accepting teacher I have ever had and sees the good in ALL students. If a student is too busy to do an assignment, she does not admonish them. She says, "Está bien. Entiendo." (Its okay, I understand) She is a teacher who truly wants her students to learn Spanish and to have fun doing it. From Twiccionario (Spanish "tweets") to fun review games,  every time I step through her classroom door, I know she will make me smile and I will learn something new. If is student is struggling, Sra. Che makes herself available. Anytime somebody has a question, she wants to hear it and help them out. Furthermore, she connects with her students more so than my other teachers. Every day she asks how we are feeling. When she asks us about what is going on in our lives, she truly cares. She wants to be invested in our lives. I know that if I am ever struggling with something outside of school, she would be the first teacher I would talk to. She is by far my favorite teacher ever, and I hope everyone else sees how blessed they are to be in her class." - Student, Dakota

“Nights” Star 105.5 DJ, Clinto…Letter writer, Dakota Bliler…Teacher, Ms. Rachel Christensen…Home State Banking Center Manager, Kathy Wizniak

Dakota, Ms. Christensen & Kathy Wizniak

Group pic with school administrators

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